Sunday, February 9, 2014

Skiing + Flappy Bird

Can I say it's been an interesting week? It really has been and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but whateves. It's all good!

On Sunday of last week, I went skiing for the second time! Yay! Now, I may be from California and surprise! We have snow! We have this mountain range called the Sierra Nevada and boy, does it snow! usually does....California is currently in a not a lot of snow...
Anyway! I have been to ski resorts before but lo and behold: I'm a snowboarder! I have snowboarded for four years now and I like to think that I'm pretty good at it. I'm not a pro-snowboarder but I can definitely go down a hill without falling.

The last two Sundays (not including today), I have gone to Taos Ski Valley with my peers and friends and learned to ski. It was...entertaining and painful but loads of fun. Both days, I took lessons to improve my skills. On the first day, we learned all the basic ski techniques and practiced those. When my friend and I had mastered the beginner's slope, we decided to move on to the next "beginner's slope" to get a harder run and go faster. That was a bad idea...

I, being a snowboarder, could not control my skis very well and panicked whenever I was going to fast. This caused me to shift my weight to my heels to stop but, unfortunately, skis don't like that. I ended up falling a million times and it took my an hour to get down this slope. That ended the first day of skiing.

The second day of skiing, I took another lesson and was moved up two levels since I was more advanced because of my snowboarding skills. Unfortunately, this required for me to go down that slope that I hated and fell down a million times the previous week. When we got to the top, I told my instructor that I was scared and could feel my eyes begin to tear up (fear + exhaustion do not mix well ). He said I could do it and we went down. This time, my speed was much more controlled and it wasn't as scary. However, there was this one point where me knee twisted away from me and I had to make a split decision to let it happen and hurt my knee or fall and hope for the best. I chose the latter and slammed my hip to this incredibly thick sheet of ice. I didn't break anything but my hip hurt with each movement and I have quite a large, terrible looking bruise in that area. All in all, skiing was great fun and I enjoyed it though I still prefer to snowboard.

In terms of academics because I still go to school and all, I had a pretty good week In my environmental class, we had a Climate Summit which was pretty eye-opening in terms of how hard it is for delegates to reach a conclusion. I, personally, am not a big fan of climate change and am a huge environmentalist - my old email address was gohugatree and I made business cards that said "Caroline: Jr. Environmentalist". I also did incredibly well on my math and physics test which was great seeing as they are higher level classes and I'm finally understanding the thinking behind the IB!

We had Yule Ball last night which was fun! I got all dressed up (makeup and all that shiz) and put on a sparkly formal dress and hung out with some friends. I then sorta just hung out in my room and watched "A Walk to Remember" (a great movie) and played Flappy Bird and SongPop.

Okay, so I don't support Flappy Bird or anything and I don't want anyone to get addicted to it (ahem, my classmates) but it is a pretty entertaining game though it is incredibly simple and silly. My high score is 34
which is quite an accomplishment. I also highly recommend the game song pop since it tests your knowledge of music and your reflex skills. To those challenging me: Bring it.

OH AND I BAKED A CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM SCRATCH! To many people, that probably isn't a big deal but to me, it is. It was my dorm mate's birthday yesterday (and another one's today so Happy Birthday to you both!) and I baked an Oreo Cake. I don't know how it tastes, but I know the batter was actually pretty yummy so hopefully everything turned out well.

The reason I'm proud of this is because I fail at baking treats from scratch. I baked chocolate chip cookies once from scratch and they turned out to taste and look like pancakes...I don't know how it happened but it did...Only me...

To my friends back home: I love you all oh so much and I miss you all and I am so excited for you guys for your last semester in high school! Keep me updated on what's going on or I will spam you and annoy the heck out of you until you tell me. I'm here for you because I honestly love you guys so much!

To my friends here who may be reading this: Eh, you're doing alright. :P

That's the update for this week! Hope all is well for everyone else! See ya!

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