Saturday, August 17, 2013

Road Trip: Day 1

At 4 AM today, I left my small town-my home-to head off to New Mexico. I stared around at my room, wanting to remember how I left it and cherishing the life I have. However, my main thoughts were centered around my dog, Terry. Terry, a black Labrador retriever, has been a part of my family since I was in fourth grade- so about eight years. She has always been there for me, waiting every by the door for me while I was at school, sleeping next to me when we go camping, and listening to me as she watched with those large puppy dog eyes.

For the past few days, she hasn't left my side as she knew something was up when I packed up my room and today, she had a sad look in her eyes as she layed on my bed and I left.

At that moment, I realized that this was actually happening. I AM moving away. I am leaving people I love behind until I come back for vacations. This reality check led me to lay in the car, staring at the night sky as we drove away from the town I call home, and just ponder over everything.

Around 7, we stopped at Bakersfield to have breakfast. I had fallen asleep for a bit in the car but was wide awake when we drove,filled with two different emotions: excitement and nervousness. For the first time, I was actually nervous about the change.

However, as we waited for our meal to come I had recieved a text message from my manager-and friend- wishing me good luck on the trip and telling me that she would always be there for me.

My eyes teared up as I read the message (though I didn't cry since my family was there and I am not a fan of crying) and I wore the largest smile all throughout breakfast-and the majority of the day.

That message definitely took away the nerves I had (and the fear) and I filled up with excitement once more.

After breakfast, we hit the road once more as we needed to reach the Grand Canyon. Both my sister and I slept during the ride as the desert grew quite boring to look at and we were both exhausted. We woke up when we arrived at Needles, California and had some ice cream before we headed off to Arizona.

Now at this point in time, we were all quite awake and we had just eaten ice cream! So as we drove out of California and into Arizona, we kept yelling as we tried to take photos of the Arizona sign and made many different jokes -which was loads of fun. My favorite part of entering Arizona was seeing an In N Out and yelling as to why there was one in Arizina as I had thought it was a Cali thing.

The rest of the trip to the Grand Canyon was mild other than our amazing voices as we sang the entire high school musical soundtrack.

We did stop by the Grand Canyon today and let me say, it is absolutely spectacular! It's picture perfect and incredible to see in real life! Of course, I took some selfies in the Grand Canyon with my phone and I am excited for tomorrow as my family will be taking a three hour tour of it! #feelingstoked

Our last event of the day was eating at a saloon (a real saloon!) where the food wasn't all that great but the entertainment was awesome and checking into our hotel for the night.

So now, I am laying in bed with my backpack sprawled open, typing this and hoping that it will be posted even with the incredibly slow wi-if here (Even my cell phone doesn't have service!)

Day 1 of traveling away was pretty great-especially the text message early in the morning, texting my best friend in Utah (who also happens to be moving away for the first time and preparing for college), seeing Arizona land (full of trees), experiencing Arizina weather (incredibly hot, then random lightening strikes and finally hard, hard rain!), and finally, visiting the Grand Canyon!

I'm totes excited for tomorrow! We will be leaving for New Mexico in the evening-where I hopefully will have service!

Until tomorrow!

Oh, and I worked in some youtube videos but there is not enough service for me to post any up so I will just blog away!

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