Saturday, August 17, 2013

Road Trip: Day 2

Our second day in Arizona was definitely an adventure!

My day began by waking up to my dad getting up and leaving the hotel room to go exploring for a bit as he was awoken by my mom. That's the bummer about traveling and spending the night in a hotel room with your family. Everything is incredibly loud! Especially at night when your parents are snoring and all you want to do is sleep after the long day...I ended up listening to Pandora for an hour before I actually feel asleep. Oh wells.

We soon all prepared for the day and went to the lobby for breakfast. There, we were surrounded by people from all over the world speaking many different languages-especially French. That was pretty amazing.

We then waited in the lobby for our Pink Jeep Tour. That's right. A Pink Jeep. A PINK JEEP!

Another family- from New York- joined us for the tour which was absolutely spectacular! We made many different stops and took many different photos. My favorite was one where I had "fallen off" a cliff. ;)

The sun shined for the first our of the tour before the weather completely changed. It began to rain! Not sprinkle or a light rain, but pouring large droplets of water! The tour became a safari and a race against the weather to take as many photos as possible without getting drenched in the rain. It also became a game of trying to point out all the lightening strikes-oh yeah, not just rain but a lightening storm, a huge one at that!

Our adventure slowly came to an end as we all shivered from the cold, but everyone in the jeep wore large smiles at the wonderful experience. As we exited the Grand Canyon, I pointed out a deer and we later saw a group of female elk. We then bid the other family farewell and wished them a nice trip as we reached our hotel.

Once inside, we dried off a bit before entering the car once more to travel. However, the lightening storm continued and we were all incredibly exhausted from the day. Instead of heading to Albuquerque as we had planned, we decided it would be safer for us to stay at Flagstaff for the night. We drove over and marveled over the incredible landscape of Arizona-it really is amazing. We soon checked in a hotel and then went to Outback for our dinner where we stuffed our faces in food.

Now, I am typing on my computer this blog post (yay for good wi-fi!) as my sister sits beside me working on an AP Biology summer assignment and my parents watch TV. Tomorrow, we will wake up early and head off to Las Vegas, New Mexico (yes, there is a Las Vegas in New Mexico) where I will meet up with some of my new classmates and explore the town next to my new home.

Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. But I am having a remarkable time so far and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Until tomorrow!

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