Thursday, August 15, 2013

See you later

In approximately six hours I will be leaving my small, farming city that's located in the middle of California (the middle of nowhere!) to move to New Mexico to study at UWC USA.


It's incredibly unrealistic but I keep looking at my now empty room (besides the million posters that still hang all around as they were too large to pack) and am reminded of the big change. I'm moving two states away from my family and friends, from everything I've ever known, to study with students my age from all over the world. The world lives in my school-a castle might I add.

Crazy right?

To most kids my age ( a seventeen year old! Woo! ), this is either something they've always wanted or something they would never do. Miss out on your senior year, on prom, on all the silly things you do before college. But I'm one of the weird ones who fell in love at first sight with the program and have always want to leave my town to go explore the world. It was my Hogwarts dream come true. It still is.

Yet as excited as I am (and trust me, I'm pretty pumped ) there is the childish part of me who is nervous for this. I mean, I can be a pretty picky eater so who knows what I will eat! ;)

But I am slightly nervous for this new chapter in my life. However, I am an optimist. All I see is an adventure-the adventure I've always wanted.

Sure, I may never attend a high school prom, but I get to go to a Yule Ball-every Harry Potter's fan dream!

And more than anything, I know in my heart that this is where I belong. So yeah, I am nervous but I am excited more than anything. I'm ready for this adventure.

So to all of you who wish me luck and bid farewell, I'd like to say something back.

I don't want to say good-bye. Good-byes aren't fun. Good-bye means you may never see someone again. Instead, I want to say see you later because I do want to remain friends with everyone I've met, my classmates, my coworkers, my fellow musicians, anyone who has impacted my life, made me smile, and considers me a friend. Let's not say good-bye because, dear reader, life has a way of keeping friendships strong if you only try and stay in contact.

Plus, technology and social media helps! ;)

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