Sunday, August 18, 2013

Road Trip: The Final Day

After a long night of struggling to sleep- I probably only had 4 hours of sleep- we all got up and prepared to eat breakfast at 6 in the morning. Once we ate, we packed up all our belongings and headed on the road. Our destination? Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Our trip towards New Mexico was quite dull as I was exhausted and my sister was sleeping. After a couple hours on the road, and a short ten minute nap, we all woke up shouting as we took out our cell phones to take a photo of the New Mexico sign. I barely made it and it was loads of fun.

We soon went to a rest area where we were quite amazed at how clean the bathrooms are! Seriously, these bathrooms were spotless and actually had music playing!

I texted and snapchatted some friends during our drive and commented on how different New Mexico is from California. The roads are smooth, the landscape is brown, and the land is quite barren! And there are absolutely no Starbucks!

Well, that soon change once we reached Albuquerque and found Starbucks! Yay!

We then drove towards the mountains and reached Las Vegas a few hours later.

Las Vegas is definitely...interesting... It's small compared to where I come from and just different. However, the landscape -mainly the mountains- are spectacular.

We drove around Las Vegas and I was given the option to drive past the castle and see my new home but I decided that let tomorrow be a surprise! Tomorrow I will see Hogwarts!

Soon after, I met up with some of my co-years at Dairy Queen which was loads of fun! We talked about our travels, about our interviews, and about our thoughts about UWC. It definitely made me feel less nervous abut tomorrow as they all were incredibly nice and I'm excited to meet everyone else! (They also packed more than me which made me feel better about the amount of stuff I brought :p)

So now, I am sitting in our hotel room. My fingers clumsily typing this terribly, boring blog post as I fight the urge to sleep until this is up. One thing I would like to add is a Happy Anniversary to my parents! To another 21 years! What an experience it must be spending your anniversary in a new state the day before your eldest daughter leaves to go and start a new adventure!

I'm excited for tomorrow to finally see my new home in person and meet my classmates but right now, I need some sleep.

Good-night! Until next time!

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